Recycled Robot Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Recycled Robot Craft

Little ones will love making this cute recycled robot craft. You can keep it simple, or make a version with moving wheels for extra fun!

Toys word search and word puzzles - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Toys Word Search and Word Puzzles

Use these simple word puzzles to practise toys vocabulary with your kids! Includes 8 word searches and letter/word match games in three levels of difficulty.

Toys - Picture-word Flashcards - Tea Time Monkeys

TOYS Flashcards

Use these pocket-sized toys flashcards with your child to teach or review vocabulary, or play fun flashcard games! Includes six toy words.

Stocking Surprise - Matching Game - Tea Time Monkeys

Christmas Stocking Surprise! Toy Words Matching Game

Get your little ones in the festive spirit with this fun, printable matching game! Great for practising toys vocabulary, observation and reading skills, or even to encourage giving and sharing! Includes two levels of difficulty, 8 different stocking game boards and 12 toy words. Ready for Christmas, and now available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store!