Crawling Spider Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Crawling Spider Craft

Little ones will love making this cute spider crawl around! It’s really easy, and is perfect as a Halloween or Itsy Bitsy Spider activity!

Black Cat Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Black Cat Craft

Here’s a cute black cat craft that kids will love to make for Halloween! It’s really easy for little ones to put together themselves and looks very sweet sitting on a windowsill or shelf.

Pumpkin Hide and Seek Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Hide and Seek Pumpkin Printable

Use this simple printable to play a fun hide and seek game with little ones! Choose to hide the cat or the spider under one of the pumpkins. Children try to guess where it is – lift up the flap to see if they’re right!

Cat Bookmark Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Cat Bookmark Craft

This cat bookmark craft is really simple and quick to make, and looks really cute peeking out from between the pages of a book!

Halloween flashcards - Tea Time Monkeys

HALLOWEEN picture-word flashcards

Use these spooky picture-word flashcards at school or at home to help teach your little ones Halloween words! Great for reading and writing skills or for vocabulary games. Includes ten beautifully illustrated cards.

Spooky Ghost Halloween Craft for kids - Tea Time Monkeys

Spooky Ghost Halloween Craft!

This spooky ghost craft is really easy and fun for little ones to make! Hang on the wall as a great Halloween decoration or let it fly outside!