Apple and Worm Hide and Seek - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Apple and Worm Hide and Seek Printable

Use this simple hide and seek game to practise numbers with little ones! Hide the worm under one of the apples. Children try to guess which one it’s under – lift up the flap to see if they’re right!

Fruit worksheet - Cut and Paste Bowl of Fruit - Tea Time Monkeys

Bowl of Fruit Worksheet – Cut & Paste

As we get into summer, here’s a fun cut-and-paste fruit worksheet for your kids! They can choose from eight different fruits to colour and fill up their fruit bowl, so it’s great for reviewing vocabulary and teaching about healthy eating, too.

FRUITS picture-word flashcards - Tea Time Monkeys

FRUITS picture-word flashcards

Enjoy these lovely FRUITS picture-word flashcards! The words included this set are: apple, banana, cherry, orange, pear and strawberry. Perfect for teaching fruits and healthy-eating units!

Bananas fun fruit song for kids - Tea Time Monkeys

Bananas – SONG VIDEO!

Tea Time Monkeys go totally bananas with this fun fruit song! Join them on a tropical beach and get down to the bananas sound!