Apple Stamp Garland Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Apple Stamp Garland Craft

Try a crafty fruit activity with your kids by making this cute apple stamp garland! This is a nice activity for apple themed units, or if you’re teaching about autumn/ fall or fruit.

Fruit worksheet - Cut and Paste Bowl of Fruit - Tea Time Monkeys

Bowl of Fruit Worksheet – Cut & Paste

As we get into summer, here’s a fun cut-and-paste fruit worksheet for your kids! They can choose from eight different fruits to colour and fill up their fruit bowl, so it’s great for reviewing vocabulary and teaching about healthy eating, too.

Cupcake craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Easy Cupcake Craft – Play Food

Perfect for teddy bear’s picnics, these cute play cupcakes are so simple, quick and fun to make that your little one will be able to whip up a batch in no time!

FRUITS picture-word flashcards - Tea Time Monkeys

FRUITS picture-word flashcards

Enjoy these lovely FRUITS picture-word flashcards! The words included this set are: apple, banana, cherry, orange, pear and strawberry. Perfect for teaching fruits and healthy-eating units!

Cookie Counting Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Cookies Counting Printable

Help your child learn the numbers one to six with this fun cookies printable activity! Count the number of chocolate chips on each cookie and match it to the correct space on the plate! Available in two levels of difficulty.

Ice-cream Spinner Game Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Ice-cream Spinner Game Printable

Your little one can practise words associated with hot weather and cold weather with this fun printable game! Build up your ice-cream to win!

Ice cream cone craft - Play Food - Tea Time Monkeys

Play Food – Ice Cream Cone Craft

Make a giant ice-cream cone – and one that never melts! This is a great summer craft to do with little ones – they´ll love adding lots of different flavours and playing with it afterwards!

Bananas fun fruit song for kids - Tea Time Monkeys

Bananas – SONG VIDEO!

Tea Time Monkeys go totally bananas with this fun fruit song! Join them on a tropical beach and get down to the bananas sound!

Tea Time Numbers - counting song for kids

Tea Time Numbers – SONG VIDEO!

We have a new fun counting song! Learn to count from 1 to 12 as we join Flip and Flop at the Tea Time Festival, and sing along to the Tea Time Numbers song. The video also showcases some great new instruments for our friends…