I have - Who Has? Farm Animals and Babies Game - Tea Time Monkeys

I Have – Who Has Game: Farm Animals and Their Babies

This I Have – Who Has?: Farm Animals and Babies Game is a fun way to teach and review vocabulary and question structures with little ones! Includes 4 editable sets of cards in both colour and black line, with Basic and Extension sets so you can choose which best suits your class needs.

Farm Animals and Babies Bingo Game - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Farm Animals and Babies Bingo Game

This FREE printable Farm Animals and Babies Bingo Game is a great addition to Farm Animal Units, as well as a fun Mother’s Day activity in class!

Find My Home! Animal Sorting game - Tea Time Monkeys

Animal Sorting Game – FIND MY HOME!

Your little ones can learn about where different animals live with this animal sorting and memory game! Pick a habitat and try to find all the animals that live there. Includes two wild animal habitats and two domestic animal habitats.

On the Farm - Flashcard Packs - Tea Time Monkeys

On the Farm! Flashcard Packs

A great resource for teaching farm words! Our complete set of beautifully illustrated printable ON THE FARM FLASHCARDS include 24 words and comes in 3 sizes. A delightful addition to your home school or classroom resources and available in our Teacher Pay Teachers store!

Farm animals flashcards - Tea Time Monkeys

FARM ANIMALS Picture-word flashcards

Use these fun farm animals picture-word flashcards at school or at home to help teach your little ones reading and writing skills or for vocabulary games! This set includes the words: cow, pig, sheep, horse, chicken, and duck.