Apple and Worm Hide and Seek - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Apple and Worm Hide and Seek Printable

Use this simple hide and seek game to practise numbers with little ones! Hide the worm under one of the apples. Children try to guess which one it’s under – lift up the flap to see if they’re right!

Number Flashcards Printable 7 - 12 - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Numbers 7 to 12 – Number Flashcards Printable

Use these picture-word flashcards cards at school or at home to help teach your little ones counting, reading and writing skills or to play fun vocabulary games! This set includes the numbers seven to twelve.

Easter Egg Match: Colours, Numbers & Sizes - Tea Time Monkeys

EASTER EGG MATCHING CARDS: Colours, Numbers & Sizes

Use these lovely Easter Egg Cards to practice colours vocabulary, counting from 0 to 12 and size recognition with your little ones! Includes colour cards, counting cards and number cards in different difficulty levels, plus ideas for fun games and activities to play!

Ladybird Friends - Early Maths Games& Activities Pack - Tea Time Monkeys

LADYBIRD FRIENDS! Early maths matching games & activities pack

A fun way for little ones to practice numbers 0 – 12 and early maths skills! There are so many ways to use these lovely ladybird and leaf cards; play simple matching games with them, add them to a sensory bin, use them with manipulatives, as play dough mats, clip cards or even as wall displays!

Cookie Counting Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Cookies Counting Printable

Help your child learn the numbers one to six with this fun cookies printable activity! Count the number of chocolate chips on each cookie and match it to the correct space on the plate! Available in two levels of difficulty.

Tea Time Numbers - counting song for kids

Tea Time Numbers – SONG VIDEO!

We have a new fun counting song! Learn to count from 1 to 12 as we join Flip and Flop at the Tea Time Festival, and sing along to the Tea Time Numbers song. The video also showcases some great new instruments for our friends…