Flapping Butterfly Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Big Flapping Butterfly Craft

This big flapping butterfly craft is really simple for preschoolers and they’ll love making it flutter around! Includes a free template to download!

Bugs Worksheets and Word Puzzles - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Bugs Worksheets and Word Puzzles

These bugs worksheets and word puzzles are great for practising insects vocabulary with little ones! This free pack includes 8 puzzle sheets in 3 levels of difficulty.

Bugs Mini Book - Accordion Book - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Bugs Mini Book

This FREE Bugs Mini Book is easy to construct and is great if you’re doing a spring or insects theme! It comes in 2 levels of difficulty and includes US and UK spellings!

Crawling Spider Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Crawling Spider Craft

Little ones will love making this cute spider crawl around! It’s really easy, and is perfect as a Halloween or Itsy Bitsy Spider activity!

Ladybird Friends - Early Maths Games& Activities Pack - Tea Time Monkeys

LADYBIRD FRIENDS! Early maths matching games & activities pack

A fun way for little ones to practice numbers 0 – 12 and early maths skills! There are so many ways to use these lovely ladybird and leaf cards; play simple matching games with them, add them to a sensory bin, use them with manipulatives, as play dough mats, clip cards or even as wall displays!