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Word of the Day!

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Dreaming post featured image


Close your tired eyes because it´s time to go to sleep; it´s the perfect time for dreaming with this beautiful, original lullaby! Flip and Flop join the Dream Maker in his magical balloon, journeying across the world to give all its inhabitants sweet dreams.

Bananas fun fruit song for kids - Tea Time Monkeys

Bananas – SONG VIDEO!

Tea Time Monkeys go totally bananas with this fun fruit song! Join them on a tropical beach and get down to the bananas sound!

Tea Time Numbers - counting song for kids

Tea Time Numbers – SONG VIDEO!

We have a new fun counting song! Learn to count from 1 to 12 as we join Flip and Flop at the Tea Time Festival, and sing along to the Tea Time Numbers song. The video also showcases some great new instruments for our friends…