Easy Paper Octopus Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Easy Paper Octopus Craft

Here’s a really easy octopus craft that’s SO simple for preschoolers and needs hardly any materials to make! Perfect for sea-life or marine themes!

Recycled Robot Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Recycled Robot Craft

Little ones will love making this cute recycled robot craft. You can keep it simple, or make a version with moving wheels for extra fun!

Flapping Butterfly Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Big Flapping Butterfly Craft

This big flapping butterfly craft is really simple for preschoolers and they’ll love making it flutter around! Includes a free template to download!

Mouse Finger Puppet Crat - Tea Time Monkeys

Finger Puppet Mouse Craft

Here’s a cute finger puppet mouse craft made from an egg carton! Great if you’re doing a pets theme, or as a Chinese Year of the Rat activity.

Easy Christmas Tree Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Easy Christmas Tree Craft

This paper Christmas tree craft is really easy for little ones to make. It’s also good for practising size order and shapes with preschoolers!

Crawling Spider Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Crawling Spider Craft

Little ones will love making this cute spider crawl around! It’s really easy, and is perfect as a Halloween or Itsy Bitsy Spider activity!

Paper Lion Hand Puppet Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Paper Lion Hand Puppet Craft

This cute paper lion hand puppet is really easy to make and doesn’t need many materials. Little ones will have loads of fun making it roar! RRRARR!

Snapping Shark Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Snapping Shark Craft

This fun shark craft is perfect for summer or ocean themed activities. It’s simple to make, requires very few materials, and little ones will love making the shark snap and bite when it’s finished! Includes a FREE template file!

Pretty Doily Flower - Mother's Day Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Pretty Doily Flower – Easy Mother’s Day Craft

This pretty doily flower is an easy Mother’s Day craft that’s perfect for pre-schoolers! Your kids can decorate it however they want, and even include a photo to make a beautiful, personal keepsake that mums will treasure!

Hopping Bunny Rabbit Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Hopping Bunny Rabbit Craft

This cute rabbit craft is perfect for Easter or Spring themes and is so easy that your little ones can make a whole field of them in all different colours! Includes a free template.