Pumpkin Hide and Seek Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Hide and Seek Pumpkin Printable

Use this simple printable to play a fun hide and seek game with little ones! Choose to hide the cat or the spider under one of the pumpkins. Children try to guess where it is – lift up the flap to see if they’re right!

Puppet Scarecrow Craft - Free Template - Tea Time Monkeys

Puppet Scarecrow Craft

Here’s a happy scarecrow who loves to wave hallo – just pull on the string to make the arms move up and down, and up and down! Template provided!

Autumn - Fall Word Puzzles - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

Autumn – Fall Word Searches & Puzzles

Use these simple word puzzles to practise autumn / fall vocabulary with your kids! Includes word searches and letter/word match games in three levels of difficulty.

All About Me Book - Free Printable - Tea Time Monkeys

All About Me Printable Book

You can use this ALL ABOUT ME printable book with a variety of ages and adapt it to suit your needs. Make it as long or short as you want and print at 3 different sizes. A lovely keepsake for the family!

Pirate Ship Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Pirate Ship Craft

This pirate ship craft is a guaranteed hit with kids – lots of messy painting and a fun toy to play with afterwards! It also requires few materials and is a great way to recycle empty egg cartons!

Matchbox Treasure Chest Craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Matchbox Treasure Chest Craft

This cute mini treasure chest craft uses a humble matchbox and toilet paper tube to make the perfect place for your mini pirate to keep their precious loot!

Treasure Island Pirate Game - Tea Time Monkeys


Aaarrggh! Shiver me timbers, it’s a race to find the treasure with this salty matching and memory game! Choose your pirate, then look for all the missing pieces of your treasure map. The first one to do so becomes the Pirate Captain, who gets the treasure chest and shares out the plunder with all the other buccaneers!


School Objects Word Puzzles Printable

Use these simple word puzzles to practise school objects vocabulary with your kids! Includes word searches and word match games in two levels of difficulty.