Q: Help! I can't download the file!

All our printables are PDF files which will download directly to your computer - they won't open in a new browser tab or window. Depending on your connection speed and the size of the file, it may take a short time to download. If the PDF doesn't open automatically, please check the Downloads folder on your computer. If you are still having problems email us at [email protected]. We usually reply promptly, so check your SPAM folder if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours.


Q: I´m having problems printing

All our printable materials are standard PDF files. To avoid any problems printing, ensure you select "Fit" in the size selection area of the print dialogue box and make sure your version of Adobe Reader is up to date.


Q: Where can I use the printable materials?

Our resources are for you to use at home or in your classroom, and you are free to download and print as many copies as you need. We only ask that you keep the logo on our printables and do not alter the content in any way.


Q: Can I share your resources?

  • We would love for you to share links to our  resources on your blog, website or social media account, including Pinterest.  HOWEVER, please share the video, page or post  link and thumbnail image ONLY and don´t paste the content or upload our PDF files to your own site.  This is because we depend on people visiting our site and watching or downloading directly from us so we can continue creating more free resources!
  • Please be aware that you are not permitted to upload our resources to worksheet sharing sites, or to claim these materials as your own in any way. We do monitor these sites and will report any unauthorized use.
  • You are not permitted to sell our content in any form, or include any of our printables, images, crafts or activities in your e-book or other document.

Copyright Info

All images, songs, videos & printables on this site are copyright Biggabug.

For any other questions please contact us!

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