Hungry Penguin - Fishing game to practise colour and shape matching - Tea Time Monkeys

Hungry Penguin! – PRINT & PLAY – A fun, non-competitive fishing game to practise colours and shapes

Everyone’s a winner with this super fun, non-competitive game to practise colours and shape matching! Spin the spinner, match the fish and collect them in your net. But, wait! You might have to feed a fish to the Hungry Penguin! A great PRINT & PLAY game to encourage observational and matching skills, develop hand eye coordination and foster a sense of caring.

On the Farm - Flashcard Packs - Tea Time Monkeys

On the Farm! Flashcard Packs

A great resource for teaching farm words! Our complete set of beautifully illustrated printable ON THE FARM FLASHCARDS include 24 words and comes in 3 sizes. A delightful addition to your home school or classroom resources and available in our Teacher Pay Teachers store!