Cupcake craft - Tea Time Monkeys

Easy Cupcake Craft – Play Food

Perfect for teddy bear’s picnics, these cute play cupcakes are so simple, quick and fun to make that your little one will be able to whip up a batch in no time!

Love Hand - Valentine´s Day Craft for kids - Tea Time Monkeys

Love Hand – Valentine’s Day Craft

This easy Valentine’s Day craft for kids would also make a lovely token for Mother’s Day or Peace Day. It’s literally made with the child’s own hand and they write the names of the people they love on each finger, so it’s beautifully personal and unique!

Santa in the Chimney - Christmas Craft for Kids - Tea Time Monkeys

Peekaboo Santa in the Chimney Craft

Your little ones will love playing peekaboo with Santa and making him pop up and down in the chimney with this simple, fun Christmas craft for kids!

Spooky Ghost Halloween Craft for kids - Tea Time Monkeys

Spooky Ghost Halloween Craft!

This spooky ghost craft is really easy and fun for little ones to make! Hang on the wall as a great Halloween decoration or let it fly outside!

Five minute twig raft featured image

Five-Minute Twig Raft Craft

Get crafting outside with this five-minute twig raft that´s easy enough for little hands to make themselves! It´s a fun, quick and biodegradeable toy!

Ice cream cone craft - Play Food - Tea Time Monkeys

Play Food – Ice Cream Cone Craft

Make a giant ice-cream cone – and one that never melts! This is a great summer craft to do with little ones – they´ll love adding lots of different flavours and playing with it afterwards!

trumpet craft example

Cardboard Tube Toy Trumpet Craft

Recycle that old kitchen roll or paper towel tube to make this fun toy trumpet! A great craft for little ones to make and play with afterwards!