Who We Are

We are Sarah and Alex, two educators and artists, and we put a lot of love and care into making quality kids content designed to entertain little ones while they learn. Whether you are a parent or teacher, or you’re looking for great materials in English or Spanish, nothing makes us happier than knowing Tea Time Monkeys creations help you educate and entertain your children!

Much of our focus is on teaching English as a second language, but everything at Tea Time Monkeys is just as fun for English speaking toddlers and preschoolers! We also have a lot of material available in Spanish, so if you’re teaching Spanish to young kids you’re in the right place.

Sarah Jeffery - Artistic Director at Biggabug

Sarah Jeffery

Co-founder & Artistic Director

I have been involved in education for over 20 years, and have worked as an ESL teacher in Spain since 2006. I´m from England, but have travelled widely and worked on community outreach and educational projects all over the world. My particular area of expertise is preschool to primary education. I am a self-taught designer, illustrator and animator and am responsible for the entire visual world of Tea Time Monkeys. I´m also the lead vocalist for our songs. When I´m not teaching, you´ll find me either designing, animating, or sewing the next costume or prop. I love teaching children, I love making them happy, and I hope I can make a difference in their lives in some way - however small! You can see my online portfolio here. 

Alex Couceiro - Creative Director at Biggabug

Alex Couceiro

Co-founder & Creative Director

Director and Co-Founder, scriptwriter and creator of the music that you will find here. I am also involved in the editing, 2D animation and post-production content. For all this I have used my training and artistic experience: I am a graduate and master in performing arts with more than ten years experience. I have worked with children as a monitor and educator, and it is from this experience that my work with puppets and children's stories came about. All of this, combined with years of experience and training in music production and the audiovisual environment, forms one of the pillars of Tea Time Monkeys.

We created Tea Time Monkeys as a whole world for children - a world full of colour, fun, learning, play, laughter, creativity and imagination. We want it to be a place for you to share and enjoy with your kids as they take their first steps on the journey of learning and discovery!

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